Tutankhamon (King Tut) Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Tutankhamon Feminized Weed Seeds

Users of Pyramid Seeds’ feminized Tutankhamon strain have reported being transported to another world. This Sativa-dominant, massively-growing strain, sometimes known as King Tut, has a traditional heritage for consistent growth and consistently uplifting effects. With a 25% THC effectiveness that is out of this world, the satisfying Tutankhamon seeds are ideal for use during the day.

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Tutankhamon (King Tut) Feminized Cannabis Seeds

King Tut from producer Pyramid Seeds is the strain for you if you’re looking for marijuana with potent effects. The Sativa-dominant hybrid’s heritage comes from excellent parent strains, so you can expect rapid growth and top-notch potency. Even though details about King Tut’s history are rather hazy, the strain is currently establishing itself as one of the best modern strains available.


Even though there is only one parent strain identified for Tutankhamon, its family tree is recognisable to most marijuana users and breeders. We do know that the phenotypic and feminised variant are descended from the AK-47.


Nothing less than a sizable return would be expected from a king, and Tutankhamon more than meets that expectation. With projected yields of 500g/m2 (1.6oz/ft2) indoors and up to 1500g/plant (4.9oz) outdoors, the King Tut weed plant is best grown anywhere.


The uplifting and energising qualities of King Tut’s Sativa-dominant side will make you feel like royalty any day. The strain is well recognised for its high THC content, which results in a strong euphoric euphoria and can also inspire creativity. Tutankhamon’s benefits can uplift any mood with their joyful, intellectually-focused high.

Levels Of THC And CBD

When we use the word “powerful,” we really mean it! King Tut can have THC concentrations as high as 30%, and this Pyramid Seeds strain may have CBD concentrations as high as 2%.

Taste And Smell

The greatest Tutankhamon seeds will produce terpenes that will excite the senses and leave you wanting more. The strain has a distinctive skunky aroma with undertones of sweet soil and lemon.

Seeds of the King Tut Strain

Tutankhamon is great for both novice and experienced growers because to its ease of growth and good output whether grown indoors or outdoors. Be careful, nevertheless, that the strain can grow up to 6.5 feet (200 cm) outside or 5 feet (150 cm) inside, reaching pyramid-like heights.

  • LST and HST procedures can help King Tut control its height.
  • In less than 60 days of flowering, the plant will produce an abundance of fluffy buds that can be harvested.

Health Benefits of Tutankhamon Cannabis Seeds

Tutankhamon’s therapeutic benefits are advantageous for a range of mental disorders because of its euphoric and intellectual high. The majority of medical consumers point to King Tut’s effects as being excellent for reducing the signs of PTSD, stress, and sadness. Physically, Tutankhamon’s might also functions as a powerful painkiller.

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