Cannabis seeds for sale USA
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Cannabis seeds for sale USA
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Are my cannabis seeds guaranteed?

Germination is guaranteed meaning money back if your seed fails to sprout.

Do you have medical marijuana strains?

We have tons of different cannabis seed options including medical marijuana strains. Simply visit our shop page to see the range.

Will I get free cannabis seeds?

Some of our cannabis packs such as White Widow come with 10 free marijuana seeds if you purchase 10. This is our incentive to beginner growers.

Do we accept BitCoin?

Yes, our marijuana seed bank does accept BitCoin. Full details will be provided at checkout.

Is shipping really free?

Any product you order from our Cannabis Seeds Store comes with free delivery to the USA.

How long before my order arrives?

Most users report that delivery only takes 4-6 days for USA orders.

My seeds didn't germinate, what do I do?

In the unlikely event that your cannabis seeds don’t sprout, we will endeavour to replace them free of charge.

Are the marijuana strains here from ILGM?

Our website is powered by I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM), so in short, yes the cannabis seeds advertised are from ILGM.

My seeds arrived damaged, what do I do?

If your cannabis seeds are crushed or damaged, we will send out replacements for free. You just have to send an image with the damaged seeds in the original packaging for verification.