No B.S. review on the best marijuana seed banks for the USA.

Due to marijuana’s rising popularity and favorable legal position in some states of America, finding a USA-based cannabis seed bank has become easier – but are they reliable? Before going ahead, have you ever been curious about the legality of weed in the United States in your home state?

The country has only just begun to appreciate the medical and economic advantages of cannabis but the law escapes some residents.

At present, over 40% of U.S. states have legalized medical cannabis, with only 16% allowing recreational use with restrictions. This means not all states in the US allow buying, selling, trading or cultivating of marijuana etc.

We can’t discuss the legal standing of cannabis in each state in this post so it is advised that you do your own research to determine if you have the green light to be involved in the marijuana scene in your local state in America.

Have the “green light”? Here’s the best sites to purchase premium marijuana seeds in the USA

Firstly, of the states in America which gave cannabis connoisseurs the green light, the demand for marijuana has gone up considerably in those states. A study published on Thursday in the journal Addiction suggests that regular cannabis use is 20% higher in jurisdictions where recreational use is permitted than in states where it is not.

Cannabis is also predicted to have a positive economic impact in America over the coming years.

“While federal legalization flounders in Washington DC, the American cannabis industry’s economic impact could near $100 billion by end of 2022 and nearly $158 billion by 2026,” stated by Editor of MJBiz, Jenel Stelton-Holtmeier.

So now is a good time to start cultivating your own cannabis with weed seeds from the best marijuana seed banks in the US especially if you wish to do business in this industry.

However, getting the right weed seeds is critical for a fruitful crop. It still remains difficult to locate genuine cannabis seeds in the United States today due to unqualified seed banks offering unknown genetics. This where we step in, the top 3 marijuana seedbanks we reviewed for the United States offer only premium marijuana seeds.

Best Marijuana Seed Banks for the USA

As you hunt online for the best seedbanks in America, you will stumble across numerous search results. This can be confusing. The massive increase of businesses peddling cannabis seeds, each with its own set of promises, can leave consumers feeling overwhelmed. If you’ve searched “Best Marijuana Seed Bank USA,” you will see hundreds of seed companies offering to supply high-quality seeds in the country. But the sheer number of options could leave buyers unsure.

Don’t worry. You can count on us to support you during this stage. In this article, we’ll take a look at the 3 of the most reputable and high-quality marijuana seed banks in the US whom have raving reviews.

So without further ado, lets discuss;

1. The Marijuana Seed Banks & Summary

2. The Quality of Seeds

3. General Shipping Details to the US

# 1 Seed Bank: Herbies


herbies seeds usa review

Herbies: Seed Bank Summary

The Herbies Head Shop seed bank has been in business for over 20+ and still going strong. They aren’t showing any signs of slowing down which indicates this seedbank is thriving and rising. The company boasts a huge range of over 2000+ marijuana strains which they source from hundreds of trusted cannabis seed breeders all around the world.

Herbies Seeds began selling cannabis seeds over 2 decades ago. Their expanding range includes regular, feminized, autoflower, cup winners, high-THC, high CBD, pure, landrace, photoperiod, indoor and outdoor seeds. Whatever you’re looking for, Herbies most likely has it. You can buy seeds however you like.

Herbies accepts Bitcoin which is anonymous, safe, and appreciated.

Buy Herbies cannabis seeds from the USA

Herbies Seeds Review Highlights

  • 2000+ premium marijuana strains
  • Discreet world wide delivery
  • Surprisingly fast shipping (Herbies USA Express)
  • Option for stealth shipping available
  • Credit/debit, bank transfer, Bitcoin and cash payment options
  • Live chat and email support 24/7.

Herbies: Quality of Seeds

Herbies seedbank has spent over 20+ years researching everything cannabis. The seeds from Herbies are from top genetics and of high quality. The germination rate is on the higher spectrum and if seeds don’t sprout, you can speak with the team and obtain replacements. Whether you want to buy Herbies own line of strains or their partners seeds, you will only get top quality products.

Herbies: Shipping Details

Herbies Seeds ships internationally. The usual arrival times are 5-8 days for US shipping. Free seeds are included with every order. For privacy, the seeds can be hidden in other products. Stealth shipping may be more secure but it is more costly. You can opt for standard, unbranded shipping if desired.

# 2 Seed Bank: ILGM.


ILGM Seeds Review

ILGM: Seed Bank Summary

The seed bank ILGM is a top-tier online seedbank that sells marijuana seeds. Growers of all experience levels can benefit from ILGM’s friendly and knowledgeable staff, wide variety of cannabis seeds, frequent sales, and extensive library of free online growing resources.

We highly recommend this seed bank, which offers a wide variety of high-quality cannabis seeds to customers in the US. Credit cards, bank transfers, Bitcoin, and cash are all acceptable methods of payment. There is no risk that the seeds won’t sprout. If your seeds don’t sprout, ILGM gives you a new batch on the house.

ILGM Seed bank review - best marijuana seed banks USA

ILGM Review Highlights:

  • 200+ grow guides
  • 1500+ reviews on their strains
  • 35,000+ visitors everyday
  • 500,000+ grow bible readers
  • 500+ cannabis articles
  • 100+ marijuana strains

ILGM: Quality of Seeds

The line of marijuana seeds available from the ILGM marijuana seed bank are premium. ILGM breeds their own range of strains as well as offering the top genetics that have wow’d their customers from the get-go. You will be surprised to see what wonders their seeds have in store – and we are happy to say, they are easily in the top 3 seedbanks for marijuana. If you’re not convinced, read their 1500+ reviews via their website.

ILGM: Shipping Details

ILGM is located in California which makes shipping in the US a breeze. Since they are local, all seed orders usually arrive pretty fast. Every customer is valued and each package is delivered with love. If there is anything wrong with your order either if the seeds are damaged, doesn’t arrive, stolen or misplaced, they will refund you or reship your order no questions asked.

# 3 Seed Bank: Seedsman.


Seedsman best marijuana seed banks USA review

Seedsman: Seed Bank Summary

In the United States, Seedsman is among the best online sources for cannabis seeds sourcing from other reputable seed banks. One of the benefits is that they have a selection of more than three thousand unique cannabis seeds. Sixty-five different seed banks from around the world supply the company with seeds. Seedsman is a marketplace where you may buy seeds not only from them, but also from other breeders.

Seedsman offers a large variety of cheap but high-quality seeds to choose from. No matter your tastes and requirements, you’ll be able to discover something here that fits the bill.

Even medical seeds for treating things like depression, arthritis, anxiety, and insomnia are for sale. You may learn more about this in their section dedicated to therapeutic seeds.

To help you save money on your next shopping trip, they feature regular discounts and loyalty points.

best marijuana seed banks USA seedsman review

Seedsman Highlights

  • Plenty of strains
  • Packaging is discreet
  • Highly rated seed bank
  • User friendly website
  • Great loyalty program

Seedsman: Quality of Seeds

All the strains from Seedsman are 100% top shelf genetics. Seedsman wastes no time to stock unkown varieites of cannabis that could dissapoint. Instead they spend countless hours testing and trying genetics that they know their customers will love and come back for. The quality difference is notable when you’re with Seedsman. If you want to be impressed, their range of 3000+ strains will give you a great run for your money.

Seedsman: Shipping Details

A guaranteed delivery option is offered for customers who want to make sure their seeds arrive safely no matter what. Seedsman is based in the UK but ship seeds internationally. Shipping is discreet with no mention of marijuana seeds or their seed bank on their packaging. Orders arrive relatively quickly sometimes hidden to increase the success of delivery. Expected shipping times are roughly 2-3 weeks overseas and generally 1-2 weeks locally.

Last words on the Top 3 best marijuana seed banks USA

There are way more marijuana seed banks for the USA to be mentioned, but these are our top three picks. We urge you to do your own research and test out other seed banks. The three we have chosen is some of most popular for many cannabis growers due to their reputation, quality of products and excellent service.

When you do decide to buy seeds, it’s important to choose the right seed bank as you will be spending precious time and money – making the wrong choice disheartening.

Thanks for reading anyone and please leave a comment below if you have questions, suggestions, seed banks to include etc

Goodluck guys and grow well #420


  • Posted November 25, 2022 1:34 pm Ricky Reed 0Likes

    Thanksgiving means family time and a lot of people were talking about how the laws have changed about growing weed. I think you can grow 6 to 8 plants now. There are so many places to buy cannabis seeds in the USA that I didn’t know where to begin. I’m hoping this blog will help me narrow down my search.

  • Posted November 25, 2022 11:03 pm Chris C. 0Likes

    Herbies is on my shortlist for buying weed seeds. With over 2,000 dope strains, I’m certain to find something up my alley. The two other highlights are the option for stealth shipping and paying in Bitcoin. I like my privacy and Herbies seems to be willing to help.

  • Posted November 28, 2022 1:26 pm CannaPete 0Likes

    Thanks for the advice, I am going to check out Herbies and Seedsman

    • Posted November 28, 2022 1:38 pm Ron Newman 0Likes

      Hi CannaPete, thankyou for your comment. We truly appreciate it. Herbies and seedsman are good seedbanks for buying cannabis seeds USA wide. Just to ask again, would you be able to return a link to this website from yours? I approved your comment with a link back on a previous post.

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      USA Cannabis Seeds

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