Strawberry Banana Autoflower Weed Seeds

Strawberry Banana Autoflower Seeds

With Fast Buds’ delectably sweet Strawberry Banana Auto, you can enjoy the flavor of summer all year long. The strain’s elevated THC levels will make every day feel like a vacation, just like a cold refreshing drink on a tropical beach. This stunning plant, also referred to as “Straw-nana,” will astound you with her attractiveness, large yields, and powerful effects. Strawberry Banana Auto is a delightful blend of Indica and Sativa characteristics for a high that is enjoyable at any time of the day.



Strawberry Banana Autoflower Strain

What more could you want for from a trustworthy autoflowering strain than maximized yields, increased potency, and mouthwatering flavors? FastBuds’ Strawberry Banana Auto is a triple threat in terms of advantages for both novice and experienced growers. The strain has a long history of being a top-shelf go-to cannabis seed variety in California, and for good reason. Its benefits melt the body and mind of daily pressures while its scents take consumers to vacation-like pleasurable feelings.

The enormous harvests of Strawberry Banana Auto make the fairly lengthy wait worthwhile (for an autoflowering variety). Crops can mature in 10–11 weeks due to the strain’s average flowering period.


Have we mentioned the enormous yields of Strawberry Banana Auto? We’re calling it out once more to let you know exactly what to anticipate this time. No matter the setting, Strawberry Banana Auto reliably delivers abundant crops. Indoor harvest rates range from 450 to 600 g/m2 (1.5-2 oz/ft2), whereas outdoor yields range from 50 to 250 g (2 to 9 oz) per plant.


You will feel as sweet as Strawberry Banana Auto’s scents day or night thanks to its effects, which are roughly equal in Indica and Sativa strength. Beginners should proceed with some caution because the strain is very strong. You’ll be astounded by the potent bliss of this delicious strain, though, once you’ve achieved equilibrium. Strawberry Banana Auto provides energizing effects for improved focus as well as pain relief for the body. Having a healthy case of the munchies is likely to result from the strain, so get your snacks ready for this one.

Levels Of THC And CBD

Strawberry Banana Auto is a remarkable outlier because it’s uncommon to discover an autoflowering strain with such high THC levels. The strain is capable of producing up to 27% THC and normally contains less than 1% CBD.

Taste And Smell

Although Strawberry Banana Auto is up forward about her delicious flavors, customers are nevertheless taken aback by how delicious she smells and tastes. The strain has strong bubblegum undertones and intense fruity scents that are slightly tropical. The terpene profile of Strawberry Banana Auto additionally offers a little whiff of earthiness to counteract her sweetness.

Grow Advice

Strawberry Banana Auto’s mantra appears to be “bigger and better” when it comes to expansion. The variety is delightful from start to finish, with towering plants covered with a stunning layer of crystal trichomes. As Strawberry Banana Auto grows, reaching heights of 110-150 cm, she will require space (43-59 inches). Keep in mind the following advice for the best grow:

Provide trellising or staking to support the bulky weight of the buds.
Flushing will enhance the strain’s pure, sophisticated flavors close to harvest.
Banana Strawberry Seeds
Strawberry Banana Auto’s fruity sensation will give your crops a boost. The best feminized autoflowering seeds are currently available from Herbies online at a fantastic price.


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