The most crucial decision for any cannabis grower is where to obtain quality cannabis genetics. Experienced growers know correct climate conditions outdoors or in the grow room is necessary. The genetic makeup of your cannabis seeds will decide the final quality you may obtain regardless of climate. 

If you’re serious about cultivating quality cannabis strains, go for ILGM seeds. They are known for producing the best quality Feminized and Autoflower seeds in America. Since ILGM’s inception, they has never compromised on the quality of their products. They are one of the best seed banks with high-quality cannabis genetics to offer home and professional growers all around the USA.

Types of Marijuana Seeds

It’s important to grow feminized plants when growing cannabis. Avoid growing male marijuana plants. These aren’t any good since the male plant just produces pollen, which is then spread to other plants, which creates seeds. A feminized plant makes buds. So, if you’re growing Cannabis for to harvest buds, grow only female cannabis plants.

What are the Three Types of Cannabis Seeds?

Basically, there are three types of Marijuana seeds.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are formed by crossing a male and a female plant, and they can be male or female. Regular seeds allow farmers to experience the full expression of a strain’s genetic history, all the while female plants yield the desired bloom. 

The male-to-female ratio of regular seeds is unknown until blooming begins and the plants reveal their sex. These hand-pollinations yield seeds identical to those produced by cannabis in the wild.

Feminized Seeds

When a female plant develops male blooms, it generates feminized seeds. Female plants from feminized seeds generate the desired flower or bud. Feminized seeds are produced by following specific strategies. For an instant, it can be done by injecting light at particular periods during the dark hours of blooming. 

It can also be achieved by spraying Colloidal Silver on the flower sites of a female plant to create a chemical shift in the plant that develops pollen-bearing male flowers. Female cannabis plants generate far more active ingredients, including THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN, than male cannabis plants. Before releasing seeds onto the market, they are extensively examined and grown.

Autoflowering Seeds

Auto-flower seeds are a good option if you’re new to producing Cannabis. Instead of blossoming according to the daily light schedules, plants will bloom when they reach a particular maturity, which is generally ten weeks from seed. 

The most popular types of Cannabis are Cannabis sativa and Cannabis Indica. There is, however, a third Cannabis subspecies, C. ruderalis. Ruderalis developed to survive and breed in Europe and Russia’s harsh winter climes. Because the weather in these areas are so brief, ruderalis evolved to have lower light needs for seed germination and flowering.

In Conclusion

You can conveniently cultivate high-quality cannabis plants with whatever sort of seed you select from ILGM. Some seeds require more attention than others, but based on how much effort you want to put into the process, any of the cannabis seeds we discussed can provide abundant yield. Consider your grow area, money, and how much time you’re prepared to devote to the grow when selecting a seed variety.


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      Please click on buy Cannabis seeds now on the home page to be directed to the best deals

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    I want to buy weed seeds from the USA because I feel like there’s more quality control and I know I’m getting the dope strains the store tells me I’m buying.

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      Dear J.J.

      Purchasing marijuana seeds from the US will bring tons of results, loads of ads all claiming and promoting US marijuana seeds but please be cautious.

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