Cinderella Jack Autoflower Weed Seeds

Auto Cinderalla Jack Feminized

Auto Cinderella Jack, a harbor of immense power, is a product of Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer. This feminized autoflower, which has a THC content of 20% or higher, can inspire your creativity and happiness. Auto Cinderella Jack is the greatest option for individuals who are waiting for a huge kick in the butt to get active because it has a sweet and fruity flavor with a herbal aftertaste.



Cinderalla Jack Autoflower Seeds

You’ll be delighted by Auto Cinderella Jack in more ways than just taste. As your body gradually begins to sink into the couch, the 20%+ THC of this autoflowering cannabis strain will have you giggling and grinning. This 20%+ potency is no joke; as your body relaxes deeply while you smile and chuckle your way through the high. Smokers new to the habit should exercise caution because this marijuana’s right hook of dopamine can make you feel drowsy and is more powerful than it appears.

The Inspirational Aroma Of Herbs

Automatic Cinderella Jack has undergone years of research and experimenting in the lab to obtain its distinctive effects. Ironically, it actually possesses the most authentically herbal scent of all the cannabis strains, despite years of testing in laboratory. Even just the aroma alone can make you smile, especially when combined with the subtle fruity undertones it emits. The smell can make your space smell more fresher and is particularly noticeable indoors.

An upbeat, fruity flavor

The flavors will definitely make you grin if the aroma wasn’t enough to do so. The Auto Cinderella might taste like candy because to its fruity and sweet flavor. For some people, the herbal aftertaste is a little bothersome, while for others, it adds complexity to the flavor.

Auto Cinderella Jack: A favorite of indoor growers

This feminized marijuana strain’s ease of cultivation is one of its best features. Auto Cinderella Jack is a compact and bushy variety that is highly well-liked by indoor growers. This automated strain produces XL yields that, under ideal conditions, can reach up to 90–100g/m2 thanks to extensive side branching throughout its growth.

This small cannabis plant is perfect for growing inside.
It takes 10–11 weeks from seed to harvestable status indoors.
It makes thick, tough, and sticky buds.
Growers who work inside are advised to use LEDs.

The plant can be grown using LST and SCRoG techniques.
powerful genetics

Any cannabis strain’s genetics are fascinating to investigate. The Cinderella Jack, however, is much more remarkable because of its extraordinarily varied parent strains. Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer are the two prominent parent genes in this Indica/Sativa cross. The Magnum strain, the last parent gene, confers Auto Cinderella Jack’s autoflowering characteristics. An extremely strong cannabis strain with very high yields results from the blending of all of these parent genotypes.


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