Runtz Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Runtz Feminized Seeds

Zkittlez and Gelato 33 were crossed to create the uncommon and highly sought-after Runtz feminized variety. What do you anticipate from this insanely powerful and delicious combination? Featuring a mind-numbing 25% THC and tremendous resin production, this strain is known for its highly fruity profile evocative of sugary treats. The greatest Indica-dominant genetics from the United States, with a relatively short flowering time.

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Runtz Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Runtz Strain Information

This is the Runtz strain of feminized cannabis from Seeds Stockers. Runtz is a delight to cultivate, yielding resinous blooms in hues ranging from lime green to purple; it is descended from the potent and tasty cannabis strains Gelato 33 and Zkittlez. One must try this excellent Indica-dominant strain.

Flowering Period

With proper lighting and ventilation, Runtz can finish flowering in 8 to 9 weeks indoors, but in an outdoor setting it will be finished in October.


This strain, known as Runtz, produces abundant buds of high quality for its cultivators. Although Seedstockers doesn’t mention whether or not this strain is suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation, those who have had the pleasure of cultivating it say that Runtz plants can produce up to 450g/m2 (1.70oz/ft2) when grown under SoG/SCRoG with high-power lighting. Meanwhile, outdoor growers should expect a yield of up to 500 grams (1.89 ounces) per plant.


This Indica-dominant strain is well-known for its pleasant and easy smoking experience, which results in a powerful and long-lasting euphoric high that eventually gives way to a calm and joyful state of mind.

Runtz’s THC Levels and Its Cons

Runtz tests at 25% THC and is a master at producing crushing highs. The breeders at Seedstockers assert that, under ideal conditions, this cannabis strain is capable of even greater potency. Because of her insanely high resin content, Runtz is also an excellent choice for those who prefer concentrates and extracts.

Sensation of Flavor and Scent

This cannabis hybrid, which was created by crossing Gelato 33 and Zkittlez, tastes even sweeter than her sugary parents. Her terpene profile is one of insanity, blending the sweetness of ripe fruits and candies with a smidgen of earthiness. Her smoke is so silky and mild that it immediately puts you in a good mood.

Suggestions for Cultivation

Runtz is a hardy and reliable strain that thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments and is ideal for first-time gardeners. Outdoors, plants can reach a height of 180 centimeters (5 feet 11 inches), which is quite a bit taller than one might think from an Indica-dominant variety. More useful growing information is provided below.

The cultivation methods of topping and LST are well-received by plants grown in outdoor settings.
You can anticipate extremely compact and resinous blossoms, perfect for extracts.

Runtz Feminized Seeds

If you want your cannabis with crushing effects and insane flavor, then Runtz feminized seeds are for you. The medicinal and flavorful effects of the Runtz strain can be yours now by purchasing some of the strain’s seeds.


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