Cannabis plants are a natural remedy for treating a variety of medical conditions and improving overall health. Since more and more countries are legalizing the cultivation and use of marijuana, there has been a significant increase in homegrown cannabis plants. Growing marijuana necessitates the use of high-quality cannabis seeds; thus, in 2022, we examined the top-selling seed banks and created this shortlist for 2023. Because the market is flooded with numerous companies claiming to be the best online seed banks online, it is impossible to know which are legitimate and which are scams.

Seed banks are facilities that store and preserve genetic variation for future generations. The seed bank typically stores seed in a radiation, explosion, and stormproof vault that houses seed jars from a variety of plant species. Since we’re talking about marijuana, a cannabis seed bank stores and sells marijuana seeds that have been feminized[1] to reduce the chances of male plants sprouting; this increases yield for both personal and commercial growers. Weed seed banks can be found all over the world, and more are opening up to meet global marijuana demand. This article can provide a comprehensive guide if you want to buy cannabis seeds online.

Best Seed Bank for the United States 2023

The purpose of this review is to iron out all details about the best seed banks online. The more you know before you put your money on any seed bank selling cannabis seeds online, the higher the chances to get what you want. So, let’s get started!

  1. Herbies Seeds: Large Variety of Marijuana Strains & Discreet Delivery
  2. ILGM : Second Best Weed Seed Bank in the US
  3. Seedsman : One of The Best Seed Banks To Buy Marijuana Seeds Online
  4. MNSL: Long Running Marijuana Seedbank for the United States
  5. CropKing: Canadian Cannabis Seed Bank Shipping to the USA

Read more about the best cannabis seed banks in 2023 for the USA below.

1. Herbies Head Shop

Buy Herbies cannabis seeds from the USA

Herbies Seeds Quick Review

Herbies Seeds is an excellent seed bank to utilize, but you should be aware that their products are not appropriate for every customer.

Their seeds are of excellent quality, and they offer a germination guarantee of at least 70 percent.

They are among the few seed companies that will sell you a single seed rather than forcing you to purchase a multipack of five to ten seeds. This means that if you intend to cultivate a smaller yield, you are not required to purchase a greater quantity of seeds than is necessary.

When you buy seeds from them, in addition to the seeds themselves, they will also send you some pretty cool free presents like grinders, rolling papers, shearers, and glass pipes.

Unfortunately, their shipment to the United States takes a longer amount of time (ten to twelve days) than it does for other seed banks such as ILGM (four to five days), but since the launch of Herbies USA Express, they now make deliveries much faster (1-3 business days shipping). Since they have a newly established seedbank in the USA, deliveries have gotten much faster.

Herbies Pros

  • Free shipping all over the world.
  • Multiple choices available for methods of payment
  • Quick delivery to customers in the US and UK
  • Delivered in unobtrusive packaging, with a “Stealth” option also available
  • Excellent Score on TrustPilot

Herbies Seeds Cons

  • Sometimes sluggish support for customers
  • Doesn’t hand-select seeds
  • Not accepting cash payments

Herbies seeds review 2023 USA


best seedbank ILGM seeds review 2023

ILGM Quick Review

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is likely one of the preferred seed banks to buy at now, although they are most certainly not ideal. ILGM stands for “I Love Growing Marijuana.”

The primary reason we shop with them is because they provide quick and free delivery to customers in the United States (4-5 days on average)

Most crucially, the seeds are shipped out of their facility in California, therefore there is much less cause for concern over the possibility of the seeds being detained by US customs.

We also admire how helpful and quick to respond their customer service representatives are, which, in our opinion, is an absolute must when purchasing sensitive cannabis seeds over the internet.

In conjunction to this, ILGM provides a very rare guarantee of 100% germination, and they will even give you savings on your subsequent order if your flowers do not thrive because to the mistake of the grower.


  • Delivered in 5 days to the US
  • Germination guarantee
  • Free standard shipping
  • Free grow bible that’s been downloaded thousands of times.
  • Confidential Packaging
  • Exclusive VIP Program
  • 10% Off With BitCoin Purchases


  • Discontinued shipments to Canada.
  • If you live in the UK, please don’t order from.
  • They do not send any packages to Australia.
  • They do not send packages to New Zealand.
  • Seeds, albeit a bit expensive
  • Sending package tracking costs $25.

IGLM seedbank reviews 2023 USA

3. Seedsman

seedsman review 2023

Seedsman Quick Review

Seedsman is like eBay for cannabis seeds because they have such a wide variety of strains at incredibly affordable costs.

They also provide a large number of useful discounts and giveaways, which can bring the total price of your order down even more. They even include complimentary seeds with each order that you place.

Because of this, they are an excellent option to consider when shopping on a limited budget.

However, the shipping times to the United States and Canada from Seedsman might be somewhat slow at times. The delivery of the majority of my orders took more than two weeks.

They also provide customer support that is not much better than average and make it tough to get in touch with a real person when you have a query.

Seedsman Pros

  • Numerous choices to choose from
  • Amazing discounts galore!
  • Transport all across the world
  • Most orders come with FREE Seeds.
  • Exceptional seed stock
  • Bonus points system
  • Confirmed Delivery, or the Guaranteed Expediting
  • Safe and guaranteed to germinate packages

Seedsman Cons

  • Standard level of service to customers
  • There is only a partial guarantee of germination.
  • Slower US shipping than ILGM

Review of Seedsman seeds 2023


2023 review of MSNL seed bank USA

MSNL Quick Review

MSNL Seeds is undeniably one of the most recommended seed banks to shop from.

They offer a speedy shipping service to the United States, Canada, and the European Union, in addition to having a large assortment of seeds at affordable prices.

They even include at least 5 free seeds with each and every order, making this one of the best deals for free seeds that we have come across.

However, as of right now, they do not provide any form of germination insurance, which is a very sad con. Although there have been no problems with any of my orders, there have been reports of customer service that is about on par with the industry standard.


  • Shipping times of 5 days or less to the US and Canada
  • Take payments via the web-based payment systems PayPal, CashApp, and Venmo.
  • Seed costs that are competitive
  • Amazing discounts galore!
  • High-quality strains available at no cost to you Loyalty rewards program
  • Bitcoin price drops by 15%
  • Cloak and dagger shipping


  • No assurance that the seeds will germinate.
  • Standard level of service to customers

MSNL seedbank review 2023 United States

5. Crop King

review of crop king seedbank for the USA

Crop King Quick Review

Crop King Seeds is one of the more reputable seed banks to utilize if you are located in Canada; nevertheless, they ship to the USA but this does not mean that they are without flaws.

They have a limited number of strains available, but the ones they do have are of high quality, and their delivery timeframes to Canada are reasonable. On top of that, they promise that 80% of their seeds will germinate.

We also enjoy that they give live chat help around the clock, which is something that a lot of other seed banks don’t do. We know Herbies is one of the cannabis seed banks with this live chat feature.

Having said that, the cost of their seeds is typically excessively high, they do not run any discounts or specials, and they only take a limited number of payment methods.

Additionally, if you live outside of the United States or Canada, it is simply not worth it to pay the high shipping costs.

Crop King Pros

  • Seeds of superior quality
  • 80% germination guarantee
  • A wide variety of strains to choose from
  • Worldwide Support via Live Chat and Shipping Around the Clock

Crop King Cons

  • No cryptocurrency discount
  • Pricey seeds
  • No Complimentary Seeds
  • $30 delivery to EU, UK NZ, AUS
  • Few promos available overall

Crop King seed bank USA review 2023

Last Thoughts On The Best Cannabis Seed Banks for the USA in 2023

When it comes to shopping for cannabis seeds in the USA in 2023, it’s important that you know the regulations in your state before purchasing marijuana seeds online from a seed bank. Some states don’t allow cannabis products including seeds to enter the state from another or even country.

Once you have confirmed that you are good to order pot seeds online, go ahead and try out the ganja seedbanks above to grow some great plants.

All the kush seeds available from the above dope seed banks in the USA are top quality and they are all reputable sources.

Not all weed seed banks are the same so experiment a little once you get comfortable.

Thank you for reading!

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