Blackberry Kush Autoflower Seeds

Auto Blackberry Kush

Auto Blackberry Kush from Dutch Passion is a great Indica-dominant strain with sweet fruity tastes and powerful body high effects coming from its 22-26% THC content. This strain has a conveniently short flowering period and will fit in the gardens of any grower, from novice to advanced. Be ready to observe the energetic growth and fragrant aromas of this beautifully colorful lady.



Blackberry Kush Autoflower Seeds

The Auto Blackberry Kush is a hybrid of the original Blueberry with the dark-leaved tarred Kush strain. Unexpectedly, the indica-dominant Auto Blackberry Kush turned out to be a decent hybrid. When a plant’s leaves have fully developed, they generate heavy purple buds tucked between dark leaves. Plant leaves change color as they get older.


With a long ancestry, the Auto Blackberry Kush that is popular today is descended from Kush’s crossing with the original Blueberry strain.


This strain can produce up to 500g/m2 (1,64oz/ft2) of delicious bud and is ready to harvest in just 70 days, providing gorgeously huge yields both inside and outdoors.

After a long, arduous day of being out in the world, Auto Blackberry Kush’s effects are best described as a potent Indica stone effect combined with an elevating, euphoric mind feeling. This combination is perfect for squelching anxiety and worry.

Effects of Auto Blackberry Kush

THC and CBD Effects of Auto Blackberry Kush
When you indulge in this wonderful strain, you might experience high THC levels of 22-26%.

Taste and Smell

Auto Blackberry Kush has a fruity taste that is initially enticingly sweet and refreshing. Unexpectedly, the terpene profile is dominated by Kush traits, hence the blueberry influence is not as prominent as projected. Those who enjoy aromatic, high-quality buds with a tasty blend of sweet and savory notes will enjoy this plant.

Auto Blackberry Kush Cannabis Strain

Both indoor and outdoor planting of the Auto Blackberry Kush variety results in the growth of dense, sticky, purple buds. She is intended for farmers that desire the finest Dutch genetics for a great growing experience and demonstrates the hybrid vitality and diversity of most autoflowering cannabis strains. Here are some helpful grow details for this strain:

Expect heights between 29″ and 39″ (75 to 100 cm), which you can LST for even greater discretion.
We advise properly curing the marijuana to build the terpenes and produce richer flavors because the entire life cycle only lasts 10 weeks.
Throughout the life cycle, a 20/4 light schedule is ideal.
For Sale Auto Blackberry Kush Seeds
Feminized seeds for growing your own Auto Blackberry Kush plants are offered for purchase in our online shop. To meet your privacy needs, anticipate quick shipping and covert packing.


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