Gorilla Punch Autoflower Pot Seeds

Gorilla Punch Auto feminized seeds

Beautiful dark purple buds with a high THC content that can approach 25% are produced by Gorilla Punch Auto. The mood-lifting properties of this well-balanced blend make it ideal for social occasions. In addition to its strong effects, this strain has a terpene profile that yields sweet and sour smells and odors.


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Gorilla Punch Autoflower feminized seeds

Info on the gorilla punch auto strain

FastBuds, a renowned breeder, created this extremely potent cannabis strain by mating two great autoflower lines. With 45% Sativa and 55% Indica genetics, Gorilla Punch Auto is a well-balanced hybrid that yields flowers with potent effects and excellent terpenes.

Blooming Period

In addition to its outstanding terpene profile and powerful effects, Gorilla Punch Auto has a short flowering time of only 9 weeks.


Growers can achieve 550g/m2 (1.8oz/ft2) at harvest time for indoor crops and 50-150g (1.7-5.2oz) per plant for outdoor crops.


This strain’s potent effects will quickly increase your energy and mood. She will sharpen your focus and lessen your worry thanks to her Indica side, enabling you to remain upbeat throughout the day.

Levels of THC and CBD

Gorilla Punch Auto creates flowers that are extremely strong and contain up to 26% THC. This strain has a CBD content of less than 0.5%.

Taste and Smell

Incredible flavors and fragrances are integrated into these terpene-rich buds, which are very amazing. As soon as you begin crushing your buds, a distinct sweet aroma will fill the space. They are accompanied by flavors of delectable, creamy lemon mousse with a hint of cinnamon.

Grow Advice

This autoflower strain is a fantastic choice for novices because it grows up to 120cm (47 inches) tall and produces large, juicy buds rapidly and easily. Both indoor and outdoor cultivation are suited for it. Given that this strain grows tall and makes hefty buds, you should review the following growing advice to prevent any problems:

It is advised to purchase a few bamboo poles or a scrog net that you may use to hold the plant’s branches steady and keep them from breaking.
By securing the branches, you can improve ventilation and light transmission. By doing this, you can keep bugs and mold at bay.

Auto Seeds Gorilla Punch

Gorilla Punch Auto autoflower seeds are offered for purchase and will give growers fantastic results quickly. Autoflowering plants are a great option for novice gardeners because they are frequently incredibly resilient and tolerant. You may easily purchase this autoflower online from our catalog if you’re looking for a strong one that produces fantastic outcomes.


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