Feminized Marijuana Mix Pack

Feminized Mix Pack

The Herbies Seeds Fem Mix Pack #1 is the newest collection of our top-notch, hassle-free, super-potent growing strains. DDoS #33, Runtz Punch, and Blueberry Hill are three plant-and-go feminized seeds that each generate big harvests of delectable buds with THC levels ranging from 24-29%! Each strain in this mixture has a unique label.

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Feminized Mix Pack

Ideal for Growers that need simple yet powerful harvests

Only feminized strains with THC levels between 24 and 29% are beginner-friendly and have comparable growing techniques.
Review of Fem Mix Pack No. 1 Smoke: Impacts and Tastes

It should be expected that strains with a famous pedigree, such Girl Scout Cookies, Afghan, Sherbert, and Blueberry, would have tastes, potencies, and growability that are simply unmatched. The pinnacle of contemporary strains, these three Indica-dominant but well-balanced hybrids are deserving of all the attention.

Hill Blueberry

The strain with the highest percentage of Indicas among the group, Blueberry Hill produces a delightful relaxed attitude and a calm joy that permeates the body and mind. Her earthy undertones and deep blueberry terpene profile produce a dreamy flavor that blends in perfectly with her anti-depressant and sedative properties.

DDoS #33

DDoS #33, the most evenly tempered Indica-Sativa hybrid in the group, first shocks your system into an exuberantly happy state before a slow-onset stone gradually calms and relaxes your body and mind. Enjoy the entrancing sweet and savory blend of lemon squares with a whisp of spice as you float into a zone with this additional strain’s sensory-appealing terpenes.

Punch Runtz

Runtz Punch creates a tremendous creative rush while causing a profound bodily relaxation that melts away your aches and pains. It strikes the most delicate balance between joy and drowsiness. Her mosaic of citrus and lavender terpenes gives off a calming, comforting aroma, and her rich, creamy flavor makes for an enticing smoke.

Grow Info for Fem Mix Pack #1: Appearance and Grow Advice

This mix pack is all about strains that require less care and produce abundant amounts of powerful bud quickly. The lowest flowering period is 50–55 days for Blueberry Hill, however it may still produce up to 650g/m2 (2.1oz/ft2) indoors. Runtz Punch follows suit with a spectacular indoor harvest of up to 600g/m2 (2oz/ft2), but DDoS #33 blasts them both away with an astounding production potential of 800g/m2 (2.6oz/ft2)!

Could this pack really get any better with such incredible yields? Try using the grow instructions below for the greatest results, then see how much bud you can produce:

Both the highly smelly cultivars Blueberry Hill and DDoS #33 need a carbon filter indoors to keep your plants covert. Runtz Punch is a rather small plant.To ensure that her roots have enough room to spread out, grow her in a final pot that is 20 to 30 liters (5.2 to 7.9 US gallons) in size.

Away from moisture, in drier regions, Blueberry Hill thrives. Make an effort to keep indoor humidity levels low and give your plants plenty of breathing room.

Due to its delicious terpene profile and superior resin production, Runtz Punch is a superb strain for concentrates. Why don’t you set aside some of your produce if you enjoy concentrates?
Fun fact: The plant known as DDoS #33 has lovely purple and green tones. Watch those hues come to life if your plant is exposed to warm days and chilly nights!
Each strain’s name is clearly stated on an individual packet containing the seeds in this mix.


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