Gelato Auto-Flower Cannabis Seeds

Gelato Autoflower Seeds

One of the most potent autoflowers available, 26% THC Gelato Auto immediately improves mood and stimulates creative thinking. Just a few creamy hits from this strain will get you to the state of complete happiness because of its unrivaled power.



Gelato Autoflower Seeds

Gelato Auto Smoke Review: Effects & Flavors

Dessert from the adults-only area is Gelato Auto! This autoflowering cannabis strain from Herbies, which haphazardly tested at 24-26% THC, is one of the most potent autoflowering seeds available today.

Gelato Auto, our go-to mood-lifter, instantly improves the vibe at any gathering by eliciting genuine belly laughs. Additionally, it reduces social anxiety to encourage energizing conversations. It’s not just a party strain, either. You’re ready for a sudden burst of creativity, perfect for planning and exploring your artistic side, if you choose to eat some Gelato Auto in the ideal company of just yourself. However, you might consume too much of such a strong treat as Gelato Auto! Start with only a few decent hits to avoid being couch-locked. This has a 26% THC content, which is much than enough for most people.

Information About Gelato Auto-Grow: Tips For Growing

While Gelato Auto is an autoflowering plant with a noticeable Indica structure, her genetics have a balanced Indica to Sativa ratio. This cultivar is perfect for modest indoor settings because it grows to a maximum height of 100cm (40 inches). Gelato Auto will produce up to 200g (7oz) per plant outdoors or 600g/m2 (1,96oz/ft2) indoors at the end of the ninth and final week of flowering. Although Gelato Auto from Herbies is simple to cultivate and suitable for beginners, keep the following advice in mind for the best outcomes:

We advise purchasing a charcoal filter because Gelato Auto has a strong sweet smell.
In order to increase the ultimate harvest’s mass, light defoliation is advised.
The taste of the bud will be improved by flushing two weeks before harvest.
Because Gelato Auto has so much resin, it’s ideal for creating hash and other concentrates. Take into consideration leaving some of the harvested buds for extraction.


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