Sour Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • 60% sativa 40% indica hybrid
  • THC reaches up to 20%
  • Loves the sun and yields big amounts
  • The high is psychedelic with bursts of high energy
  • All seeds are feminized to ensure a good harvest



Sour Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds

40% cannabis hybrid with 60% sativa. Suitable for THC levels of up to 20% high-yielding, sun-loving plant
It’s a psychedelic high that’s fueled by energy.
Feminized seeds ensure success.

Are you seeking a stimulating, enjoyable, and psychedelic high? If so, you’ll adore Sour Diesel seeds! Its fuel-forward aroma is well-known as “Sour D” throughout the world. It makes sense that producers refer to this as a “Cash Crop”! Following a fast grow cycle with it, you’re ready to take on the day’s tasks and then relax and have a great time!

Plant type 40% indica 60% sativa
THC Up to 20% THC
CBD Insignificant amounts
Difficulty Hard
Climate Indoors | Continental | Steppe | Mediterranean
Plant size Tall
Vegetative stage 4 to 8 weeks
Flowering time 9 to 10 weeks
Yields 16 oz per plant
Taste and Smell Diesel | Earthy | Herbal | Lemon | Pungent | Sour
Effects Energetic | Euphoric | Happy | Relaxed | Uplifted

Sour Diesel comes with a 60% sativa and 40% indica make up for this genetic, which is sativa-dominant. It reacts quickly and triggers a strong mental response that gives you energy without making you jittery. You experience a dreamy high from it that lasts you the entire day.

Origin of Sour Diesel Strain

This strain was developed in California in the 1990s, however there are few known data about it. It is said by fans to be related to Super Skunk and Chemdawg 91. It is one of the best genetic hybrids available right now, as far as is known.


Growing Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds Information

These seeds have been feminised. Opposite to male plants, it is female plants that produce truly smokeable weed. When plants receive less light each day, such as in the autumn or when you adjust the light cycle indoors, they begin to flower.

We promise that your seeds will germinate, and for a guarantee of success, we suggest reading our germination instructions.


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